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What is Lucky Metal?

Lucky Metal is wearable bullion and launches with its unique Tags made entirely from fine platinum, the rarest of the precious metals. The Tags are sold with a transparent margin against the live rate at which the metals are trading. The platinum is mined, refined, minted, laser inscribed, polished, packaged and shipped directly to you from South Africa. Through our success we commit to giving 10% of profits to humanitarian and conservation charities.

What material is your product made of?

999.5 fine platinum. It is mined, refined and minted in South Africa.

Does it include any accessories?

Every Tag comes with a small pouch and a complimentary chain. You may purchase other cords here.

You say it's ethically sourced, how so?

The metal is mined by accredited and ethical miners in South Africa and passed to Metal Concentrators where it is refined, minted and numbered for you. Feel free to read MetCon’s Risk, Ethics And Compliance statements here. We are proud to be working with them and indeed all our partners.

Is your product really unique?

Of course it is. It’s entirely unique. A double-sided minted, numbered platinum bar doubling as a highly desirable jewel, sold with a transparent margin against the live rate at which the metal is trading, and shipped directly to you within a matter of days – there’s simply nothing like it in the world!

What does minting mean?

To mint something is to turn metal into coins – it is the stamp used to make money. Today all national banking currencies are minted as are bars of varying weights all bearing the minter’s mark as a stamp of authority.

Who are your partners?

We knew from the beginning that we couldn’t create Lucky Metal by ourselves. We’re proud of our partners and how they help Lucky Metal function. MetCon manufacture our product, nFusion Solutions determine the price, it is packaged using Certiline’s unique minted bar packets, and its purchase is processed through Stripe. It is then delivered straight to you by DHL. We are also proud to partner with and support The Rhino Orphanage and have allocated up to 10% of our profits so they may continue their invaluable work.


What does my order include?

Your minted, numbered Tag along with a small pouch and a complimentary bog chain.

Who delivers my order?

DHL are our exclusive partner and forwarding agent and they will deliver it to you in person. We can ship to (almost) anywhere in the world.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated by DHL once you enter the delivery address details.

How do I know if my tag is authentic?

There are many levels we have gone to to ensure Lucky Metal’s authenticity and to offset counterfeit risk. Each tag is numbered and you will be advised of your Tag’s number after purchase. The Rhino on every Tag is holographically laser inscribed. Each Tag carries the minter’s mark and each and every Tag is individually packaged using Certiline’s barcode and tamper-proof technology.

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